It’s a classic question and, yet it is constantly asked: “Should I use a realtor to buy a home?” The answer is, yes. Yes, you should use a good realtor to buy a house if you want a skilled negotiator on your side. If you want someone who has done more real estate transactions than he can remember and has seen every possible issue. It is as simple and plain as that. The only problem is, even though many people know about it, they still question it. Why? Because there are so many myths surrounding the job of a realtor and how he/she can help you buy a house.


Therefore, the best way to explain how we can help you is to uncover some truths behind those myths.

Myth #1: New Builds - Using a realtor will cost me more money than if I deal with the builder myself

            Using a realtor for a new build does not cost you, the buyer any more money. The truth is when a property price has been set by the builder, it has already included potential commissions for a realtor. That means if you make the deal by yourself, the builder will keep that commission for themselves. They don’t lower their price if you don’t use a realtor. 


If you use a realtor, you can reduce your stress, speed up the process, get a better house because he can negotiate on your behalf for upgrades, and save your time without losing anything. Tom Speaks knows what to look for and sees things that may not be obvious to someone without his expertise. 

Myth #2: You can’t ask a realtor to help you purchase a new construction house

            Here is an interesting fact: builders do love realtors. Why? Realtors can help builders to reach the end customers without using their money and time, not to mention all paperwork that needs to be done.


        Another reason is that it’s often not the first time a realtor is bringing clients to these builders. They often bring multiple buyers over time. Many, if not most, realtors have brought new clients to the builders to purchase their new construction house. Sometimes clients start looking at pre-owned homes and end up wanting to buy new. It’s a win-win relationship for the builders, and of course you.

Myth #3: Even without a realtor, I can get all information I need from the web

            Not even famous sites on the web, like, Trulia, or Zillow provide accurate and realistic information. So, how can they come up with the price? Simple, they use older, inaccurate data. It’s not the actual value of the property at the time you are looking. It can be off by quite a lot. It is also not possible for them to see all the details of a home to determine the true market value. A skilled realtor will do a proper competitive market analysis, CMA, and give you a true value. He will consider factors that the websites cannot, and he will see things as a potential buyer will and take measures to stop future problems. The websites just provide a number based on their limited data.


        Such accurate information is only available to licensed realtors who know how to use it. And a skilled Chandler realtor like Tom Speaks has the insight and experience to give you an accurate and detailed value that will help get your home sold quickly and at top dollar. Since many online valuation tools are highly inaccurate it is not wise to use them as a gage for true home values. They show the price based on their computer-generated algorithms, not the real-time data and human skill of a top realtor.


        As for the realtors, we can provide you the fair market value of your favorite property. In many cases, you can even get it at a more affordable rate then you can find online. This happens, and we don’t remember how many times we’ve offered this to our clients.