Buying a Home with Tom Speaks

Your FIRST STEP to buying a home should be to call Tom Speaks to put a plan together.

Call Tom now: 602-418-8045


Hiring me to represent you when you buy a house is FREE with no obligation whatsoever. You can fire me at any time.


I will walk you through the entire process and make it as clear and easy as possible for you. I will protect your interests all along the way. I will:

  • Maintain contact with you so you'll always know what's going on throughout the entire process.
  • Explain all paperwork and procedures so you'll always understand exactly what's going on.
  • Make sure you are aware of all costs up front, so you'll never have any surprise expenses.
  • Maintain contact with you and the loan officer to ensure we have no surprises with your financing.
  • Walk you through the inspection process to ensure repairs are competed. I will even pay for a re-inspection
  • Accompany you to the signing of the documents in case there are any last second glitches
  • After we close on your property, I will always be available to help you with any issues you have.


Your Second Step Should be to Get Pre-qualified with a good loan officer. 

This is vital so that:

  • You know what purchase price you can afford.
  • You know how much your monthly payment will be.
  • You know the amount of closing costs you'll need.
  • You need to know what type of loan is best for you: FHA, VA, USDA, or Conventional
  • You may even qualify for down payment assistance

I work with several loan officers that are great that I can recommend.


How Much Money do You Need to Buy a House?

  • You need Earnest Money
  • You need money for inspections and the appraisal
  • You need money for a down payment
  • You need money for closing costs


Once we have this information (all this can be determined in a few hours), we will:

Search for a house

  • I will always be available to show you houses.
  • I work seven days a week and most holidays.

Make an offer when we find a great house. We'll consider the following:

  • Purchase price: We'll look at comparable sales, days on market, and how much you like the house!
  • Amount of Earnest Money-typically 1% of purchase price, which will go toward down payment.
  • Down Payment
  • Close of escrow date
  • Personal property included (washer,dryer,refrigerator)
  • Which title company to use
  • Ask the seller to pay for a home warranty
  • Ask the seller to assist you with your closing costs


After we have an accepted contract, we'll 'open escrow' which means we'll deposit the earnest money check with the title company and the deal is on! The seller can not back out. 

From that day we have 10 days to do our inspections and ask the seller to do repairs. We will get a licensed, certified inspector to do the inspection.

After any repairs are agreed upon, we'll have the appraisal conducted

About a week before closing you'll get 'Final Approval' for your loan and the loan documents (docs) will be sent to the title company.  

You'll sign the loan documents 3 days before close of escrow, and I'll be there.

When the transaction records, I will hand you your keys!


Call Tom Speaks now to get started: 602-418-8045