Selling Your Home with Tom Speaks

What's Your Situation?:

  • Are you selling to buy another house? There are several scenarios which I can help you with, and hopefully you won't have to move twice. And you're possibly in for a nice commission discount on the sale side!
  • Are you selling to buy a NEW BUILD HOME? I've spent years negotiating with the home builders to get my buyers a better deal. We need to talk!
  • Maybe you owe more than you could net in a sale. I'll help you determine that. And if selling isn't possible for you right now, I'll still help you any way I can.

Our first meeting:

  • You are never locked in to a listing contract. YOU CAN CANCEL AT ANY TIME.
  • No BS assessment of your homes value based on comparable market activity together with an estimate of how much you will net from the sale.
  • Guidance on how to prepare your house for sale, including two things most realtors ignore.
  • After our first meeting, I will not call you back and pester you!! If you want to work with me you can call me back.

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Why hire Tom Speaks to sell your house?

  • First and foremost is COMMUNICATION. I keep you informed, I always answer my phone, I respond to emails as soon as I can, and I work seven days a week. Some big shot realtors take the weekends off!! I'll tell you right now home buyers don't take the weekend off.
  • RESPONSIBILITY: Although I have a team to assist me, I am the person responsible for everything. If you have a question you call me. Most big realtor teams have several 'specialists' working on your transaction. Who are you going to call with a problem in that situation? Good luck with that.
  • EXPERIENCE: I have the experience to negotiate on you behalf and to manage the transaction and stay on top of the buyer so we know they're doing what they're supposed to do.
  • We spend the money to take great pictures and edit them so they are bright, in focus, make your house look beautiful, and are placed in the correct order on the mls. Sounds simple, but many realtors don't bother to do this.
  • We use proven language to describe your house in the mls. (based on statistics from Zillow)
  • We pay extra money to give you great exposure online. Everybody searches for homes online nowadays. (See pretty picture below)
  • We also send out mailings to your neighborhood. It still works!
  • We have an expert to help us with exposure on social media.

 Questions? Please call Tom Speaks: 602-418-8045

ONLINE EXPOSURE: Our listings get sent out to all the main websites.