Buying a new house could be really exciting or really stressing for a family. Either you’re a first time home buyer or are a veteran in homeownership, hiring a Chandler AZ realtor help families in finding your perfect home, or today we will be focusing on how to find the perfect neighborhood for you. 

Chandler Safety

The safety of your prospected neighborhood should be on top of your checklist when finding a home. A great Chandler real estate agent will help your family narrow down the options of the safest community every family is looking for. One of the few tricks is to do a thorough investigation once your realtor has given your options and use a crime mapping service and also check the neighborhood’s status on the National Sex Offender Public Website and see for yourself which neighborhood has the lowest crime rate. 

Take a tour of the neighborhood with your Chandler realtor

Hiring a local Chandler real estate agent will give you the advantage of a more satisfying tour since he would know everything about the place. You will have the best first-hand tips from someone who belongs to the community.  Getting the help of a Chandler realtor would mean that you would know someone instantly (if moving from a different state). While touring the area, check out the surroundings, the curb appeal of the houses, the sidewalks, street lamps, fences, gardens. You likely get an idea how it is living in the area just by assessing the physical situation of the neighborhood.

Chandler Schools

This is a very important factor when choosing a neighborhood for your family. Make sure that there are at least three quality educational institutions for both private and public education. It will not only benefit your children but is also a good way to make sure that the value of your property remains high should you decide to resell in the future.  

Chandler AZ Establishments and Amenities

One of the qualities of a helpful family oriented Chandler realtor is having the initiative to make sure that he finds you the neighborhood that has all the establishments and amenities that the whole family would love.  Your soon to be community should have the following: a safe park, basketball area or a recreational area for the kids, a clubhouse for the adults, a nearby grocery or around the clock convenience store. 


Moving into a new home would mean that there is a certain period of adjustment and it is important that during that phase, your Chandler real estate agent help you and the whole family in making sure that the neighborhood offers convenience and has everything that you want and need. A hospital, gas station, fire station, and police station should be available nearby. Also, do not forget that there is a public transportation accessible for situations when you don’t have access to your car.

To close, we are happy to assure you that our Chandler real estate agents are always focused on helping families to a great moving experience.