There are several avenues to invest in and real estate investment is statistically one of the most profitable avenues to benefit from.  The first thing that an investor needs to think through is where to invest and in today’s blog, we will tackle the reasons why it is best to choose Chandler Arizona for your real estate investment. Chandler is known for its annual Ostrich Festival but this suburban city is more than just meet the eye.

Reasons Why Real Estate Investing in Chandler is A Sure Win

Strong local economy 

It has been reported that since 2012, there has been an increase of 30% in home prices in Chandler which means that the local economic real estate market status is getting stronger and a flock of buyers and sellers is at its peak. 

Rising demand for rentals

Together with the continuous rise of the local real estate market is also the uprising of the demand on rental market which means that property investors of Chandler will have a steady and reliable market for the upcoming years. One factor that experts are looking into is the high foreclosure rate in the city which leads to previous homeowners in renting out after vacating their properties. 

Foreign Buyers Purchasing Chandler Real Estate

There is a big leap in the percentage of Canadian successful transactions in the past couple of years, and it still continues to this very day.  It has been reported that Canadians are dominating the big percentage of Chandler real estate foreign investors. This increase has been a product of them wanting to move to a much warmer climate and also mainly because of plainly wanting to invest in the booming Chandler real estate market. 

Things to know before investing in Chandler real estate


There are basically two words to describe Chandler weather: Sunshine and Warmth.  It is technically a sunny weather for 297 days each year and the remaining days are for cooling off with the rainy days which locals refer to as the “monsoon season”.


Chandler is a true gem with its perfect location. Mexico is just a 4-hour drive and is pretty much a good place to spend vacations with the family. While San Diego California is just 6 hours away and is a good place for a memorable Fourth of July evening. If you want to get away from the heat, a two-hour drive or so to Flagstaff for skiing is not too bad, right? And the best part is the Sky Harbor International Airport is practically just a 30-minute drive away and you can just go about anywhere in the world.  

Cost of living

One more thing why real estate investment in Chandler is a good idea is the cost of living in this humble yet majestic city.  In general, to live in Chandler is pretty much like living in the majority of suburban cities of the country. Chandler cost of living is comparable to the national average.  The prices for basic needs like food, healthcare, and utilities are reasonable and stable.