A Chandler realtor Will Save Time

Buying a home in Chandler? Great! You will soon be a new homeowner in this lovely community. In general, it takes several months to complete the whole process of buying a home, so let us show you how hiring a Chandler realtor will save you time while undertaking this exciting task of opening a new chapter in your life.

Shopping for a Chandler home

You might have heard that shopping for a home is not as easy as shopping for a car, and this goes especially for first time buyers who experts say tend to be like a child in a big toy store. It could be really overwhelming just looking over through different houses, and this is where your Chandler realtor will save your time for the first time. He would instantly know the houses to show you depending on the information you give him like how much your budget is, the architectural type that you fancy, the size of the house, and what kind of neighborhood you wish to belong in. Your Chandler realtor would know the houses in this area so he could right away give you options even with his eyes closed.


Making the Offer

After choosing a few or several houses, making the offer to the seller or to the seller’s agent is the next step in buying your house.  This step might look easy for you, but you have to remember that an experienced real estate agent has done this multiple times already and would know the factors to be considered when making the offer. Put it this way, your Chandler realtor would act as your “godfather". He would make sure that you are standing in the best possible stance as a buyer. He would also help you decide how much you should be offering for the property and for fixtures or fittings.



Once your offer has been accepted, your real estate agent would then assist you in an effective inspection of the property.  Others prefer to hire a third party inspector which would mean that you have to pay another person, while your Chandler real estate agent would know the usual and tricky things to check out during this stage like testing the plumbing by running the water  in the kitchen or in the bath, turning on and off of all  the switches in every room to make sure that the electrical system is okay, every door and window needs to be checked by making sure that they can be easily opened and closed. Little and major details of the house will not go unnoticed by the trained eye of your realtor.



Also known as settlement, this is the part where you are almost done with the process of purchasing your new house. It could take several days to a few weeks to get past this stage if you miss a step. Hiring a realtor would mean that an updated checklist of the things that involve at this stage is already covered. You won’t be forgetting a form that needs to be signed; you won’t miss deadlines, etc.


Moving in

Yes! Finally, you have reached the completion of buying your new house and at this point, you would definitely be happy to have hired the service of a reliable and professional real estate agent in Chandler because you know that you have not only build a partnership with him but also a friend. A friend who can help you in the actual process of moving in. He would know the reliable moving-in companies, he would know the best caterers to get for your housewarming, he would know every detail that you need while getting settled in on your new home.