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Jan. 16, 2018

Using a Chandler Realtor

 A Chandler realtor Will Save Time

Buying a home in Chandler? Great! You will soon be a new homeowner in this lovely community. In general, it takes several months to complete the whole process of buying a home, so let us show you how hiring a Chandler realtor will save you time while undertaking this exciting task of opening a new chapter in your life.

Shopping for a Chandler home

You might have heard that shopping for a home is not as easy as shopping for a car, and this goes especially for first time buyers who experts say tend to be like a child in a big toy store. It could be really overwhelming just looking over through different houses, and this is where your Chandler realtor will save your time for the first time. He would instantly know the houses to show you depending on the information you give him like how much your budget is, the architectural type that you fancy, the size of the house, and what kind of neighborhood you wish to belong in. Your Chandler realtor would know the houses in this area so he could right away give you options even with his eyes closed.


Making the Offer

After choosing a few or several houses, making the offer to the seller or to the seller’s agent is the next step in buying your house.  This step might look easy for you, but you have to remember that an experienced real estate agent has done this multiple times already and would know the factors to be considered when making the offer. Put it this way, your Chandler realtor would act as your “godfather". He would make sure that you are standing in the best possible stance as a buyer. He would also help you decide how much you should be offering for the property and for fixtures or fittings.



Once your offer has been accepted, your real estate agent would then assist you in an effective inspection of the property.  Others prefer to hire a third party inspector which would mean that you have to pay another person, while your Chandler real estate agent would know the usual and tricky things to check out during this stage like testing the plumbing by running the water  in the kitchen or in the bath, turning on and off of all  the switches in every room to make sure that the electrical system is okay, every door and window needs to be checked by making sure that they can be easily opened and closed. Little and major details of the house will not go unnoticed by the trained eye of your realtor.



Also known as settlement, this is the part where you are almost done with the process of purchasing your new house. It could take several days to a few weeks to get past this stage if you miss a step. Hiring a realtor would mean that an updated checklist of the things that involve at this stage is already covered. You won’t be forgetting a form that needs to be signed; you won’t miss deadlines, etc.


Moving in

Yes! Finally, you have reached the completion of buying your new house and at this point, you would definitely be happy to have hired the service of a reliable and professional real estate agent in Chandler because you know that you have not only build a partnership with him but also a friend. A friend who can help you in the actual process of moving in. He would know the reliable moving-in companies, he would know the best caterers to get for your housewarming, he would know every detail that you need while getting settled in on your new home.

Jan. 16, 2018

Chandler Homes For Sale - Use A Good Realtor

Use A Good Realtor To Find Chandler Homes For Sale


Buying or selling a home will mean many things are about to change in your life. It will affect simple and complex aspects that could surprise you, and getting help from a trusted Chandler realtor will give you an advantage of knowing things that no one has ever told you about when shopping for a home. So allow us in giving you information on finding out how a great Chandler real estate agent can make your real estate transaction easier.


Buying a Chandler home takes time



This is probably the number one factor that makes home buyers and sellers alike get anxious. It usually takes months from day one to moving day to complete a successful transaction. Just imagine having to deal with everything on your own! Hiring a trusted Chandler agent means someone will stick with you throughout the process and will probably carry most of the burden of enduring the long wait. They are used to the process and won’t mind it as much as you would; since they are focused on giving you the best service possible.




House inspection is critical



Before making an offer, make sure that you have thoroughly conducted a full inspection of the house. There are a lot of things the seller will not tell you so having your Chandler realtor with you is like having Sherlock Holmes during the inspection. You will miss tiny signs of an infestation but he won’t.  


Paperwork can be your worst nightmare



There will be dozens of legal stuff that you would have to be aware of when buying a house, and there is a great chance of you missing out on one or two things that could either end in a nasty legal scenario or could jeopardize the length of the whole transaction process. Your realtor has done the job over and over again and has a strong understanding of the requirements and will ensure that all paperwork that needs signing and processing gets into your hands.




Chandler Homes - Area Knowledge


You will be surprised at the additional information about the neighborhood you are eyeing.

If you think that you pretty much know a lot about the neighborhood that you want to be a part of, then you are in for a big surprise of with additional information that could either send you running for the hills or make you want to expedite moving in. A good Chandler Realtor will know EVERYTHING about the neighborhood that he might as well put up his own version of Google Earth or Yelp or TMZ. 


Want vs Need



At this point of your life, there is a very thin line between the house that you want and what you need so chances are you will find yourself torn between that cute bungalow with the homey fireplace or the 2-story house with a grand staircase. Without the assistance of a great Chandler buyer’s agent, you might be overpowered by the desire to just go with what you fancy.  An expert in real estate market can even help you get the house that’s a combination of both what you want and need.


Jan. 15, 2018

Chandler Listing Agent

Two Reasons Why You Should Hire A Chandler Listing Agent


The internet plays a big role in the decision making of home sellers whether they should sell their properties on their own or go traditional and hire a listing agent. Home sellers often ask “Why should I hire a listing agent if I can just do it on my own and use social media instead?” This article will give you two reasons that will shed some light and convince you to let go and allow a good Chandler realtor do what he does best and get you more for your house.



Your time is very precious and it would not be wise to spend it trying to learn the ropes of effective home selling. Your realtor already has a well of knowledge about the real estate situation in your community which means that he would know how to give your house an advantage over other properties for sale in the vicinity. He would also know the important factors that would affect your sale locally like zoning rules and housing codes.


If you hire a good Chandler realtor like Tom, it is a hundred percent guarantee that your home will be listed correctly to the Multiple Listing Services (MLS) which means, your house will be available for viewing by different home shoppers and agents in your location as soon as possible.


If you sell your home and go with the For Sale By Owner (FSBO) method, there is a big chance that you will mess up and miss a lot of critical things during the negotiations which can cause you some legal troubles. Even a little misunderstanding about the contract could end in a lawsuit, but your realtor would be experienced in negotiating and would cover every little aspect of the transaction.


Putting the task to a trusted professional realtor when selling your house in Chandler will allow you to spend your time and energy on other things like your work, family, hobbies, etc. and let him work his magic and do his job.


You get more money when you use Tom as your Chandler Realtor and listing agent

This might raise your eyebrow, but hiring an experienced and professional listing agent will actually make you more money. Remember, they are experts in their field and they would know how to prepare and groom your house which will result in a competitively priced home. Their sleeves are full of tricks on how to give your house more value. These things are gained through their experience in the field which a DIY home seller could not possibly know just by relying on the internet.


They have the access to databases and would know the best time to be aggressive in selling. A great Chandler realtor would save you money because he knows and has access to the channels, connections, and network for faster transactions and you don’t have to spend on newspaper, local channel and station advertisements just to let the message out that you are selling your house.


Selling your house could be surprisingly convenient for you while at the same time getting the best offers and bids without having to sweat a bullet. The trick is to find the best Chandler realtor so you can sit back and relax while waiting for the completion of the house sale.


Jan. 15, 2018

Chandler Real Estate Agents Who Care

Top Reasons Why You Should Hire A Chandler Buyer’s Agent

Buying a house for first-time homeowners is an exciting yet stressful task and it’s important that they have the support from someone experienced in the process of buying homes. Getting the service of a good Chandler realtor saves you money in different ways that a new home buyer could never even think of. This article will give you the top reasons proving why hiring a buyer’s agent is the first step into a guaranteed smooth, hassle-free, and satisfying purchase.



Yes, you read that right! Buyer’s agents are paid by the seller and not the buyer, so you have the golden opportunity of getting exclusive benefits from a professional house hunter without having to spend a dollar.  A buyer’s agent is committed to making sure that you get the best deal possible because your best interest is his priority since he is basically representing you and not the seller.



Buyer’s agents are well versed in negotiating which is a big advantage for you to in finding your perfect Chandler home.  A good realtor would know the ins and outs of the trade and you can just enjoy the whole process without having to deal with all the pressure of negotiating about prices, contracts, and other related things!



Once you have established what you want, need and can afford, it’s your realtors turn to keep the ball rolling and find the property that is perfect for your budget and preference. Hiring a buyer’s agent would mean more time for you to spend on other things without having to stress over listing sites and risk of getting into pitfalls for first time home buyers. Also, your buyer’s agent would know what to look for when choosing your home because of experience. Chances are he has seen hundreds of properties throughout his career and would have several options for you as soon as you let them know what you want and need.



Buying a home could stir up a lot of emotions for first timers, and it could lead to poor choices which will then result in a long-term dilemma for you. However, your realtor could easily be less emotional when choosing your home meaning that he would be able to firmly say no to a seemingly lovely home with a grand kitchen but with faulty wiring or busted plumbing.  A good realtor has a trained eye and would know if a house is as good as what its listers or sellers claim it to be.




Hiring a realtor when buying your first home in Chandler, will guarantee that you have someone to help you from day one up to moving day! And this someone is packed with knowledge about the real estate scenario in the area while you can rest assured that your best interest is always the priority.


Jan. 14, 2018

What Makes a Great Real Estate Agent

What Makes a Great Real Estate Agent

There are hundreds of real estate agents across Arizona, let alone in the City of Chandler. With the continuous growth in the property market, home buyers and home sellers should know what makes a truly great Chandler real estate agent.

We have listed down some traits that buyers and sellers alike need to look for when looking for a realtor in Chandler, for a smooth, hassle-free, and highly productive transactions.


Knowledgeable of the Real Estate Industry

Competition is tough in the real estate industry and it is essential that your real estate agent is always up to date with the latest topics, situations, and updates in the local market. A real estate agent with years of hands-on experience can be trusted to give you all the help that you require for any minor or major situations.  A knowledgeable realtor means that he has grown and developed professionally in his field through experience and years of practice.


Good Communicator

Communication is very important in any transaction, and your agent should be able to communicate with you at your level of understanding of the real estate market.  A great real estate agent should know that their level of expertise in the property market is different from a client, thus he should know how to LISTEN. Your Chandler real estate agent should also be able to return calls or emails really fast and are confident with the answers to your queries in a professional yet friendly manner.


Understands You

A great real estate agent should know where you are coming from. She should be able to identify the things that you as a client really needs even if you yourself don’t know it yet. This characteristic can only be achieved by a realtor that is well versed in the job and truly cares.   Understanding you would mean that he would know how to quickly and effectively help you, assuring a smooth and hassle-free closing of a transaction.


Chandler Home Sale and Neighborhood Expert

A good Chandler real estate agent should obviously know the neighborhood exceptionally, not only to give you an obligatory neighborhood tour but most importantly to answer all your questions about the community you will soon be a part of.  Your realtor should know the streets, the market, the school, the mall, etc. With today’s technology, buyers can easily look at properties over the internet, but having an actual neighborhood expert will tell you everything that is not available online.


 Great Network

“No man is an island” is the mantra of great real estate agents.  He knows plenty of people and most of them are the best engineers, architects, contractors, insurers, bankers. Your realtor should be the gateway to the great people not only in the real estate industry but also to all walks of life. He should even know who the best plumber, painter, home inspector or florist in town is! As your real estate agent, he should know who to refer you to for property related situations and at the same time would know who the best people are to contact for normal day to day activities.

Looking for the perfect Chandler real estate agent might sound intimidating and stressful especially for new buyers and sellers of homes, so just take a look at the list above and you can never go wrong. Happy hunting!


 Chandler Realtor in Arizona




Jan. 12, 2018

Chandler Realtors

It’s a classic question and, yet it is constantly asked: “Should I use a realtor to buy a home?” The answer is, yes. Yes, you should use a good realtor to buy a house if you want a skilled negotiator on your side. If you want someone who has done more real estate transactions than he can remember and has seen every possible issue. It is as simple and plain as that. The only problem is, even though many people know about it, they still question it. Why? Because there are so many myths surrounding the job of a realtor and how he/she can help you buy a house.


Therefore, the best way to explain how we can help you is to uncover some truths behind those myths.

Myth #1: New Builds - Using a realtor will cost me more money than if I deal with the builder myself

            Using a realtor for a new build does not cost you, the buyer any more money. The truth is when a property price has been set by the builder, it has already included potential commissions for a realtor. That means if you make the deal by yourself, the builder will keep that commission for themselves. They don’t lower their price if you don’t use a realtor. 


If you use a realtor, you can reduce your stress, speed up the process, get a better house because he can negotiate on your behalf for upgrades, and save your time without losing anything. Tom Speaks knows what to look for and sees things that may not be obvious to someone without his expertise. 

Myth #2: You can’t ask a realtor to help you purchase a new construction house

            Here is an interesting fact: builders do love realtors. Why? Realtors can help builders to reach the end customers without using their money and time, not to mention all paperwork that needs to be done.


        Another reason is that it’s often not the first time a realtor is bringing clients to these builders. They often bring multiple buyers over time. Many, if not most, realtors have brought new clients to the builders to purchase their new construction house. Sometimes clients start looking at pre-owned homes and end up wanting to buy new. It’s a win-win relationship for the builders, and of course you.

Myth #3: Even without a realtor, I can get all information I need from the web

            Not even famous sites on the web, like, Trulia, or Zillow provide accurate and realistic information. So, how can they come up with the price? Simple, they use older, inaccurate data. It’s not the actual value of the property at the time you are looking. It can be off by quite a lot. It is also not possible for them to see all the details of a home to determine the true market value. A skilled realtor will do a proper competitive market analysis, CMA, and give you a true value. He will consider factors that the websites cannot, and he will see things as a potential buyer will and take measures to stop future problems. The websites just provide a number based on their limited data.


        Such accurate information is only available to licensed realtors who know how to use it. And a skilled Chandler realtor like Tom Speaks has the insight and experience to give you an accurate and detailed value that will help get your home sold quickly and at top dollar. Since many online valuation tools are highly inaccurate it is not wise to use them as a gage for true home values. They show the price based on their computer-generated algorithms, not the real-time data and human skill of a top realtor.


        As for the realtors, we can provide you the fair market value of your favorite property. In many cases, you can even get it at a more affordable rate then you can find online. This happens, and we don’t remember how many times we’ve offered this to our clients.